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Brilliant and bright, BOXHILL’s Allure Pillow Collection will help create a fun and lively atmosphere. This funky collection of pillows features bright magentas, bold oranges and reds, and deep violet floral patterns. These pillows are made of 100% unbleached cotton covers and filled with polyester inserts for added comfort. To keep the pillows looking as lovely as new, they must be kept safe from sunlight as the fabrics are not UV resistant. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.



Olga Vieira, the founder and creative director, started the Koko Company 17 years ago with the simple idea of bringing the joy and diversity of the world into our homes and encouraging the ideas and needs of people as they experienced other cultures. It is a concept that stems from an awareness of how we live today, of how we cultivate our senses, delighting in fabrics and designs from all over the world.

Over the years the Koko Company has come to be known for the uniqueness of its creations and for its individuality. This individuality is very dear to us. Our unique designs are created by putting together fabrics, colors, embroidery, and other finishes in a very unique and individual way. That is what has made us who we are and garnered for us the respect of the industry.

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