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Grow a stunning collection of herbs that are beautiful, aromatic, and bright with BOXHILL's Basil Bouquet Organic Seeds! Otherwise known as Ocimum Basilicum, this is a mix of five bountiful varieties -- Genovese, Lemon, Cinnamon, Purple, and Thai Basils. 
Seeds arrive in a quatrefoiled, folded package -- both the quatrefoil shape and seeds, themselves, were thought to be travel partners on the ancient Silk Road. The diversity of basil is a good example of how food culture has influenced backyard plant breeding. Pesto is a regional dish from Genoa, Italy, and Genovese gardeners selected basil for the qualities they felt made the best pesto -- the leaves. Thai basils, on the other hand, were bred for their strong, rich aromas that did not diminish during stir-frying. You'll love learning about this plant as it grows, and finding a purpose for every basil in this mix!
Direct sow these seeds after the frost, or start them indoors, begining up to 1 month before last frost date. To have fresh basil for the whole season, start planting in succession at one-month intervals. Pinch off the tallest growth in order to prevent the basil from flowering -- its flavor becomes too strong once it is in bloom. Basil grows well in both gardens and container gardens.


  • Number of Seeds -- 250
  • Spacing in Row -- 12"
  • Spacing Between Rows -- 12"
  • Planting Depth -- 0.25"
  • Days to Germination -- 7 to 10 days
  • Days to Maturity -- 60 days
  • Height at Maturity -- 18" to 36"
  • Width at Maturity -- 12" to 18"