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For the Birds

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Now that it’s officially fall, birds are out scouting. They are on the prowl for the best backyards, which from their perspective means the yards that provide an abundance of food. As it gets colder and natural sources of food freeze up or wither away, they will remember the places where bird feeders abound. Set up your bird feeder now and the birds will consider it an early invitation for a winter visit.


Now is the time to plant bird-friendly plants that will feed your feathered friends come spring. While fall is scouting time for birds, it’s planting time for humans. Autumn's cooler weather is gentle on plants, yet the soil is still warm enough for roots to thrive as they settle into their new surroundings. Plus, there are more good-weather days for planting than in early spring, when it tends to rain a lot more. The National Audubon Society has a helpful database of native plants that are appealing to birds because of their seeds and fruits. Click HERE to enter your zip code and discover the perfect bird-friendly native plants to plant in your yard this fall.


The Center of Everything

Both inside the home and outdoors on the patio, coffee tables anchor seating areas and act as focal points in the design. But it’s not just about creating a modern and balanced room, although we love elegant looks. It’s about the convenience of having a place to set your martini glass. It’s also about the [...]

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Introducing Boxhill Collections

If you're a Boxhill shopper, you know that we offer a curated selection of modern products that are a natural extension of our founder Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery's vision for outdoor living. Now, we've created four definitive Collections that will making shopping Boxhill easier. Exploring products throughout our shop is an exciting adventure, but if you [...]

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Sleepy Front Porch Saturdays

As summer winds down, we're thinking it's time to chill in a shady spot on the porch. The romantic porch swing is perfect, but if you want to recline on something more portable that can be moved indoors or to the backyard at a moment's notice, we recommend the classic, beloved rocking chair.Blending a modern [...]

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Desert Modern Indoor-Outdoor Living With a Twist

When a French interior designer and her husband relocated to Tucson, AZ, she found a midcentury house with good bones and sweeping views. The couple brought in Boxhill Outdoor Living's founder Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery to help them reimagine the outdoor space. Because Elizabeth is a designer with an intimate knowledge of the landscape, she is uniquely [...]

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