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Let BOXHILL's Inda Firefly Torch light the way to paths unexplored. Designed to cast a warm, golden glow over moonlit terraces and twilight garden parties, our Inda cordless lamps are also the perfect solution for a lack of electrical power points. Place an elegant lamp anywhere you like--that dream is now a reality. The Inda Firefly Torch operates in moist conditions, is easily transportable wherever lighting is required, and oh-so-simple to use and maintain. Our Inda cordless lamps allow you to set the mood whenever and however you like.

The eucalyptus wood pole, in matte weathered gray finish, adjusts to 38.5", 52", and 65.5", and has a powder-coated steel ground anchor, 3-panel UV-resistant polypropylene shade in Soft Pearl color with anodized aluminum frame. Our Inda Firefly Torch is easy to assemble, and includes 3 individual 13.5" pole sections that can be used to adjust lamp height. It includes warm, white, LED rechargeable light with locking base, a charging base, and cord.

LED technology now solves a number of outdoor lighting issues, such as trailing, unsightly electrical cords, insufficient power sources, and weak lighting provided by solar-powered bulbs. Our warm, white, LED lights are easily transferred from lamp base to charging plate and back again, where a fully charged light will radiate for over seven full hours. Our Inda Cordless LED Pendant features a 3-panel UV-resistant polypropylene shade in Soft Pearl, with anodized aluminum frame, and a 72" black, solid-braid nylon, outdoor cord for hanging the light. It includes warm, white, LED rechargeable light, with locking base, charging base, and power cord.

Optional accessories available including individual light modules, additional light/charger sets and a 6-pack multi charger

This innovative, multi award-winning line offers a wide array of items that are high-quality, multi-functional, and are nature-inspired works of art. With a passion for redefining living spaces, they design pieces that will help you create a living environment you crave. Fresh silhouettes that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living -- we love this line for both residential and commercial / hospitality settings!



  • 38.5-65.5" H x 7" Dia
  • 6 LBS
15.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
9.00 (in)