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Featured in the New York Times as "a hummingbird feeder that floats on the breeze," BOXHILL's J Schatz Stoneware Hummingbird Feeder is a design enthusiast's dream! A modern feeder that attracts hummingbirds and looks stunning in the backyard...what more could you want?

Hummingbirds are curious creatures that are drawn to all boldly-colored objects -- not just the red ones! These modern feeders are designed with bright, bold colors and a complementary-colored stamen, attracting hummingbirds from miles around. (Note:  Because hummingbirds remember previous feeding locations, and they seek to explore new objects in their immediate environment, if you are already an avid hummingbird feeder, we invite you to choose any of the colors offered in this collection. If this is your first hummingbird feeder in your yard, we recommend that you select the Red Hot feeder, as this color will be noticed more readily than the others.)

The J Schatz Stoneware Hummingbird Feeder ships ready to hang. An easy-to-maintain item, just fill the feeder by turning it upside down and removing the rubber stopper. Holding 1.5 cups of nectar (a mixture of 1 part granulated white sugar, 4 parts tap water) this feeder will attract North American Hummingbirds without also attracting bothersome insects. Pour the nectar into your feeder, and aim for slight spillage when you replace the stopper -- this will ensure that no air is trapped inside the vessel. (Note:  This is a gravity-fed feeder which will drip occasionally, due to changes in the atmospheric pressure. We recommend filling it to the top with cool nectar and hanging this feeder in a place where a few drips will not be an issue.)

Handmade in California, the J Schatz Stoneware Hummingbird Feeder comes with the company's "Wonder-Certified Guarantee." If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return the item within five days for a full refund. Available in six brilliant and glossy colors.



  • 6.5" High
  • 4.75" Wide
  • 1 lb



  • Red Hot
  • Sun Yellow
  • Orange Peel
  • Light Aqua
  • Pink
  • Olive
15.00 (in)
15.00 (in)
15.00 (in)