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BOXHILL's Mesa Planter (Medium) more than makes up for its short stature with the impact it has in a space! Grow vegetables, or a garden of succulents emphasized with a frame available in any color you can dream. The geometric shape works well in contemporary or industrial design concepts, and can even bring traditional designs into the transitional category, blurring the lines between old and new.

These lightweight, painted fiberglass planters are resistant to UV radiation, frost, and corrosion. Available in four metallic colors (Midas, Bronze, Granite, and Silver) and thirteen classic colors.

Enhance your home with our latest line of contemporary planters. Ranging in size and style, these planters are crafted to the highest standards, combining incredible attention to technical detail and a beautiful design aesthetic. They are perfect for residential and commercial projects alike. Convert your indoor space, patio, balcony, or terrace into the garden paradise it was always meant to be with these exceptional planters.



  • Small:
    • 25" L X 12" W X 5" H
  • Large
    • 29" L X 15" W X 5" H