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Introducing Boxhill Collections

Introducing Boxhill Collections

Posted by Boxhill Outdoor Living on 7th Sep 2017

If you're a Boxhill shopper, you know that we offer a curated selection of modern products that are a natural extension of our founder Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery's vision for outdoor living. Now, we've created four definitive Collections that will making shopping Boxhill easier. Exploring products throughout our shop is an exciting adventure, but if you want help focusing on a stylish set of pieces that can be used together to fully outfit an outdoor room, the Collections are at your service.

Learn more about each collection below.

Naturalistic colors take shape in bold, geometric lines to create a provocative style statement. These gorgeous, modern pieces are chosen not only for their beauty, but for their ability to face intense weather conditions. Click HERE to shop. 

Picture a casual, rustic outdoor living space basking in dappled light beneath the forest’s tree canopy. Rich textures invite shadow play and offer continual, diverse aesthetic interest. Click HERE to shop.

Oversized, rustic and unforgettable, the pieces in our Mountain Collection echo the forms of rugged cliffs and peaks without sacrificing the refinement of modern design. Click HERE to shop. 

This collection embodies the serenity of seaside living. Tranquil colors, comfortable furnishings and elegant textiles offer a foundation for unlimited design versatility. Click HERE to shop.