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Looking for a great gift for friends and family or a beautiful designer candle to accent your décor? You have found it with Boxhill’s Pink Quartz Candle from Namdar Decor! This candle’s lid is topped with the Pink Quartz Crystal. Pink Quartz is a calm, reassuring crystal that helps alleviate stress and anxiety, and provide a soothing ambiance to any environment. It is used to attract and nurture new love, revitalize an existing relationship, or to aid in reconciliation efforts and mending quarrels. This candle is available in 10 Elegant Fragrances:

Evening Silk -

  • Evening Silk is an elegant and calming fragrance with hints of amber, fresh lily, and impact.

Mahogany -

  • Mahogany is a distinctively robust and naturally calming fragrance with masculine notes of spice, mahogany, and musk.

Pumpkin Spice - 

  • Pumpkin Spice fragrance is your classic fall scent. Made from pumpkin and cinnamon notes.

Rocky Mountain Pine -

  • Rocky Mountain Pine fragrance is a sharp but fresh smell of pine needles on a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Warm Vanilla Sugar -

  • Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance is made with sparking sugar and a very intoxicating vanilla, sure to impact your space.

Gatsby -

  • Gatsby is one of our most popular fragrance, evoking luxury and elegance with notes of velvet, jasmine, vanilla, and bergamot.

Deep Blue -

  • Deep Blue fragrance is a vibrant, rich, and attractive fragrance created from fine blends of fresh melon, ocean, and a rich base of sheer wood.

Bardia -

  • Bardia is a clean and robust blend of various notes with hints of clean breeze and musk.

Tuscany & Tobacco -

  • Tuscany & Tobacco is a popular and confident fragrance made from blends of wild amber, cedar, and fresh wood.

Lavender -

  • Lavender is classic fragrance that everyone enjoys. Made from lavender essential oils.


  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity for Pink Quartz Stone
  • Candle Is Hand-Poured Soy Wax
  • Wax Is Slow-Pressed Leading to Longer Burn Time
  • Burn Time Of 10 Hours per oz.
  • Made & Manufactured in the USA