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The new modular design of BOXHILL’s Living Wall Planter features a hard vented shell, a sturdy shape, and it is equipped with a self-watering tank--all designed to make planting easier! Woolly Pocket worked hard to not only improve the design but to also lower the price point, so it's more accessible for everyone to create larger than life living walls and vertical gardens! All hardware to install these planters is included. The easy fasteners work on masonry, drywall, sheetrock, wood and metal walls and vertical surfaces. The planter design breathes and allows excess moisture to evaporate or pass-through so it eliminates the need for extra-drainage, even in heavy rainfall and keeps plants from becoming pot bound. These unique planters promote live soil and organic gardening and may be planted and replanted while planters are hanging on the wall. This planter will hold two 6" plants and one 8" plant.  (Total weight of 50 lbs.) 



  • 13" x 18" x 8"