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A fanciful take on wall art, BOXHILL's Plant Portrait Wall Hanger turns your succulent garden into a hanging masterpiece! Perfect for any space where you need a touch of vibrant green. 

What care will your brand new succulent require? Well, we’re not kidding when we say succulents are foolproof plants. A thorough watering every two to four weeks is plenty. The best thing to do is check the soil every few weeks. If it’s totally dried out, go ahead and water. If not, hold off. Succulents thrive in hot places with plenty of sunshine (read: the desert), so a sunny windowsill is the best place for your indoor terrarium or container garden. Your plant will be happy as long as you can give it bright, filtered light for at least four to six hours daily. 

Our newest line of terrariums and succulent planters will help you add touches of greenery to your everyday life even if you have the blackest of green thumbs. Our seasoned design team painstakingly sources trendy plants and hard goods to produce “pin-worthy” terrariums, planters and container gardens designed for the modern plant enthusiast. 

This item includes FREE shipping! Succulent varieties may vary based on availability.



  • 6" X 3" X 8"