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Your sense of smell is said to be the strongest of all 5 senses, capable of triggering memories long forgotten. Each fragrance oil in BOXHILL’s Scented Candles has been carefully researched and hand-picked by Circle 21 to produce a line of candles that are fresh, clean and uncomplicated. These candles are hand-poured into repurposed clear wine bottle containers with an all-natural, finest grade, premium soy wax. Careful attention is paid in every step of the process. We gather our wine bottles locally, clean, cut and sand each one. All labels are stamped with the fragrance name and the corks are hot iron branded, all by hand.  Each candle contains 11 ounces of "burn time" and a cotton wick to produce the cleanest, longest lasting candles possible.

Available in 11 scents: 

  • Zen Garden: A fresh, light, green tea infused scent with a hint of lemon
  • Adobe Sunset: The scent of sweet cactus blossoms washed clean by desert rains
  • Moroccan Tile: A Mediterranean-inspired scent with strong notes of cinnamon, cranberry and citrus
  • Plantation Cotton: Cotton sheets dried naturally in the sun, then lightly powdered for a fresh clean fragrance
  • Pompeii Cider: Sweet, fresh-picked pomegranate with undertones of allspice and a hint of nutmeg
  • Tuscan Sun: Fresh berries and citrus combine with honeysuckle and musk for this fresh scent
  • Garden Party: Strong, sweet jasmine and violet with undertones for sandalwood for a "not-too-sweet" fresh floral
  • Clubhouse: Citrus, wholesome fresh fruit and geranium combine with undertones of wood, mush and a hint of Jamaican Rum
  • English Pine: The woodsy aroma of a Pinon Pine Forest. Wonderful anytime, but especially inviting during the fall and holidays.
  • Trophy Room: Strong, rich wood tones of mahogany, cedar wood and oak are laced with lavender and geranium
  • Orchard Lane: Top notes of blood orange sweetened with mouthwatering red fruits- strawberry, raspberry, and juicy mandarin. 



The Circle 21 Candle logo is an adaptation of their family brand, once used on their family’s ranch in the Texas Panhandle. All raw materials are made in the USA, and much of it is produced in Texas (including the soy wax)!



Have you ever had a scent take you somewhere nostalgic?  Circle 21 accomplishes that. It takes you on a ride via your own memory bank. I first crushed on these little guys when I realized they were all hand made from recycled wine bottles, made in the USA, and family owned and operated. There is a scent for everyone. This is an easy win. Every scent is perfect. 



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  • Flat rate shipping fee: $8.00
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