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The Solfire is what happens when form and function combine to create a work of art.  This intriguing design plays on the pairings of light and shadow in a way that will transform your outdoor space.  The 10" fire screen is patterned with circular cut-outs in various sizes.  When the flame starts to dance, a Kandinsky-like display of spheres will project on to your yard.  Once this arrives, you can customize it further by adding smooth stones or a layer of clear, fire glass around the outer rim.  
Solfire is the latest creation from our favorite fire pit metalworkers in Arizona.  As they put it, "We love to grind!"  You'll love the way this design stirs conversation at your next patio party.  It's a bold design for a modern fire pit, and it will draw your guests in for a closer look.  The stand-out colors compliment the circular cutouts, and its open design allows both heat and light to radiate.  If you're looking for a bright pop of intelligent design, we heartily recommend this stunning fire pit.
Crafted from 1/8" steel for superior quality, the open, circular design makes this an ideal vessel for roasting marshmallows! The steel plate base and pedestal foot keep it firmly grounded and upright. The 14" firebox cultivates a beautiful flame, and the 75,000 BTU-rated stainless star burner packs some serious heat! 
Want to raise the profile of your fire pit, or hide away your propane tank? Why not add Modpod Tank Storage or a Base Unit to your setup? This pedestal tower of the Base Unit showcases the architectural elements of the Solfire design and makes your fire pit look like a sculpture, even when it's not lit! For propane users, this base will hide a standard, 20-lb. tank, and an external key is included to control the flow of fuel while the tank is hidden. A rear door allows for easy tank replacement. Base Units are available in Snow and Charcoal. Our Modpods are a fantastic option for propane storage but they can also double as a side table. The top lifts off for easy access to the fuel control. Modpods come in our standard colors, or they may be ordered in a custom hue -- contact BOXHILL for a quote. An optional 100% recycled plastic table top/cover is also available to convert your Solfire into an elegant coffee table. Ships within 2-4 weeks. 


  • Solfire
    • 24" D x 17.5" H
    • 10" H (fire screen)
  • Modpod Tank Storage
    • 16" D x 20" H
    • 30 lbs
  • Base Unit
    • 30" D x 20" H
    • 50 lbs


  • Propane
  • Natural Gas