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Minimalistic and modern, BOXHILL's Tillandsia Hangers are an uncompromisingly stylish way to display your favorite air plants! These fun geometric hangers in classic metallic finishes are like plant jewelry, and who doesn't love to accessorize? The metal structure of these hangers provide the perfect balance to the Tillandsia's organic shape, and a protective coating allows you to easily mist the plants without taking them out of their container. 

Tillandsias, also known by their common name air plants, are the coolest members of the bromeliad family. They can survive on their own without being planted in soil but that doesn’t mean they don’t need some TLC every now and then. Despite their name, these plants don’t live entirely on air. They hail from a hot, rainy environment and still need plenty of moisture to thrive. There are a variety of acceptable methods for watering your Tillandsias. You can give them a thorough rinsing under running water, soak them in a water bath for 20 – 30 minutes, or heavily mist them with a spray bottle – whatever is easiest for you. Be sure to shake off any excess water from the base and leaves and set them in a place with enough air circulation that they will fully dry in a few hours. Water them about two to three times per week, but they’ll be totally fine for a week or more if you’re going on vacation. Just give them a longer soak (about two hours) when you return. Tillandsias also like bright, filtered light and can even thrive under artificial fluorescent lighting. We recommend keeping them out of direct sunlight as it will cause them to lose moisture too quickly.

Our newest line of terrariums and planters will help you add touches of greenery to your everyday life even if you have the blackest of green thumbs. Our seasoned design team painstakingly sources trendy plants and hard goods to produce “pin-worthy” terrariums, planters and container gardens designed for the modern plant enthusiast. 

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