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Boxhill's HGTV award winning backyard desert design.

Desert Geometry: From Tired Patio to Chic Retreat

A tired Tucson landscape and patio undergo a stunning metamorphosis, earning Boxhill’s Principal Designer, Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery, first place in the Gardenista’s 2017 Considered Design Awards. The transformation not only revitalizes the outdoor space but also captures the essence of a modern desert oasis.

Design Concept and Brief

In pursuit of a contemporary outdoor haven, the design brief focuses on a modern interpretation of a traditional shade pergola and outdoor living space. The homeowner's preference for a tranquil, monochromatic atmosphere shaped the design, steering clear of typical Southwestern vibrancy. The chosen palette of sea glass green, white, grey, and turquoise, complemented by the Caribbean fog pool tile, reflects an Ibiza beach club ambiance.

Design Highlights


The contemporary design features a shaded veranda with beams supporting a corrugated metal roof. The muted color palette celebrates the subtle texture of raw concrete, the dull metal of the roof, and the unique tile flooring pattern.


As daylight transitions to night, cafe lights and the warmth of the fire transform the space, offering an inviting atmosphere past sundown.



Clean lines, large-scale cacti as living art, and tiered walls that mimic the natural grade change of the hillside characterize various areas of the garden.



A second fire pit becomes an enchanting evening destination, with a garden wall intentionally designed for views of the city skyline.


Discover the Deeper Layers

Uncover the intricate layers of this contemporary desert retreat that go beyond the main design. Bistro lights create a captivating ambiance for evening dining, while the backyard seamlessly transforms into a private haven with an infinity pool, lounge, and fire pit offering stunning views of Tucson. The poolside seating, adorned with succulents, beckons relaxation, and thoughtful landscape lighting turns evening strolls into visual delights. Each facet contributes to the enchanting story of this Tucson oasis, effortlessly melding modern design with the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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