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Modern Outdoor Lighting Trends

In the evolving landscape of outdoor design, the significance of lighting goes beyond functionality, creating an ambiance that seamlessly intertwines style and purpose. Elizabeth Przygoda, the visionary founder of Boxhill and a distinguished landscape architect, shares her profound insights into the latest trends and nuances in outdoor lighting.

Trendsetting Designs in Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is experiencing a renaissance, with companies elevating their offerings to encompass not only landscape lighting but also tailored fixtures for homes. From stylish sconces and pendant lighting crafted specifically for the outdoors to the emergence of portable lighting options, the market is witnessing a wave of innovation. Elizabeth emphasizes the availability of lantern designs reminiscent of living room aesthetics, bringing a touch of chic elegance to outdoor spaces.

Top Trends in Outdoor Lighting:

  1. Portable Chic: Explore the surge in portable outdoor lighting options, including lantern designs that rival indoor counterparts, providing both style and functionality.
  2. Sculptural Sconces: Embrace the trend of sculptural sconces and pendant lighting specifically crafted for outdoor spaces, adding a touch of modern design to exterior aesthetics.
  3. Quality Pendant Lighting: Experience the evolution of pendant lighting that now matches the quality of indoor fixtures, offering a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.
  4. Landscape Moon Lighting: Create enchanting outdoor atmospheres by adopting the trend of moon lighting – hanging lights above tree branches to cast captivating shadows on the ground.

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Technological Advancements in Outdoor Lighting

Gone are the days of peculiar glows and bug-zapping attractors. Elizabeth highlights the transformative impact of recent technological advancements on outdoor lighting. The focus has shifted towards creating sophisticated lighting solutions that not only provide effective illumination but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of outdoor environments.

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Common DIY Mistakes in Outdoor Lighting

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Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Outdoor Lighting:

  1. Symmetrical Overkill: Steer clear of transforming driveways or walkways into symmetrical spaces, as it can create an artificial and less inviting atmosphere. No airport runways!
  2. Ignoring Purpose: Avoid overlooking the intended purpose of outdoor lighting fixtures – whether for task lighting, ambient illumination, or highlighting specific features.
  3. Neglecting Technological Advancements: Don't stick to outdated lighting options; embrace modern technological advancements that enhance both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of outdoor lighting.
  4. Overlooking Comprehensive Design: Ensure a comprehensive approach to outdoor lighting design, incorporating various types such as spotlights, path lights, and wall wash lights to create a harmonious and visually engaging outdoor space.

Lighting Techniques for Every Purpose

Elizabeth delves into the realm of lighting techniques, emphasizing their distinct purposes in outdoor design. From task lighting, like BBQ gooseneck lights, to creating mood and ambiance with basket pendant lighting, she provides a comprehensive guide. Uplights for trees and bushes, spotlights for specific features, path lights for walkways, and wall wash lights for architectural highlights showcase the versatility needed to craft a harmonious outdoor space.

Outdoor Lighting Best Practices:

  1. Staggered Placement: Avoid the runway effect by staggering outdoor lights along driveways and walkways for a more natural and visually appealing look.

  2. Purposeful Illumination: Understand the purpose of different lighting types, such as task lighting for specific areas like BBQ zones, ambient pendant lighting for mood, and uplights for broader coverage on trees and bushes.

  3. Comprehensive Approach: Utilize a variety of lighting techniques, including spotlights for specific features, path lights for walkways, wall wash lights to highlight architectural walls, and moon lighting for a dramatic play of shadows on the ground.

  4. Tech-Savvy Choices: Embrace technological advancements to enjoy sophisticated outdoor lighting that combines effective illumination with aesthetic appeal, steering clear of outdated glows and bug-zapping attractors.

The Evolution of Lampposts

In the ever-changing landscape of outdoor design, the role of lampposts has shifted. Elizabeth observes a decline in their use in new constructions, except for historic properties or specific design considerations. The advent of spotlights and floodlights has redirected attention, though lampposts continue to hold a timeless charm in certain contexts.

Mindful Lighting Choices

When it comes to outdoor bulbs, Elizabeth advocates for a mindful approach. Implementing dimmer switches and changing sconce bulb colors with the seasons, she avoids harsh bright white lights. This approach aligns with the dark sky laws in desert areas, preventing aggressive night lighting that could obscure the natural beauty of starry skies.

Outdoor Lighting Must-Haves:

  1. Lantern Designs: Invest in lantern designs that serve both functional and decorative purposes, bringing a touch of elegance to outdoor living spaces.

  2. Durable Outdoor Sconces: Opt for outdoor sconces that combine durability with modern design, standing up to the tests of time, weather, and use.

  3. Versatile Uplights: Include versatile uplights in your outdoor lighting repertoire for broader coverage on trees and bushes, adding depth and dimension to landscaping.

  4. Smart Lighting Solutions: Consider smart lighting solutions that offer convenience and customization, allowing you to control and adjust outdoor lighting settings with ease.

Tailored Recommendations

In offering recommendations for wattage and color, Elizabeth's approach remains nuanced. Steering clear of bright and obnoxious lighting, her designs prioritize a moody yet effective ambiance, ensuring outdoor spaces don't mimic theme parks or urban extravagance.

Elizabeth Przygoda's insights transcend traditional lighting discussions, weaving together elements of design, technology, and practical considerations. Her expertise serves as a guiding light for those seeking to transform their outdoor spaces into havens of style, comfort, and enduring beauty.

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