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Cool pool products to bring the beach party to your backyard

2024 Easy Pool Deck Furnishings

Cool pool products to bring the beach party to your backyard

Ready to take the plunge? Here are our top must-haves for every backyard beach party.

Mood Lighting

One of our most sought-after summer products, these whimsical Glow Spheres float safely in your pool, cycling through a spectrum of 16 soft colors for 12 hours on a single charge. Energy-safe, eco-friendly, cool to the touch and JUST PLAIN COOL.

Bronze Medal

Our sleek, contoured Tanning Ledge Deep Pool Loungers are specially designed to add a pop of color—and a plethora of comfort—to your pool’s baja ledge. Choose from 11 UV8-rated, easy-to-clean shades and don’t forget the matching pillows!

Bucket List

When you’re “busy” living your best life lounging in your perfectly appointed pool, you shouldn’t have to get up to refill your drink! Our Tanning Ledge Pool Ice Bin Side Table is made specifically to hang with you in the pool, holding your drink.

Throw Shade

Luxe Tilt Parasol is a modern and timeless design that fits on a terrace or beside the pool.

Lounge Act

Bring stylish simplicity and weather-strong durability with the Sand Desert Lounge Chair. The powder-coated steel frame holds interchangeable woven seats made from recycled bottles.

Bar None

Boxhill’s Bar Isle brings the entertainment on the go as a mobile bar and side table in one. The design mixes matte black powder coated aluminum with natural sanded teak making it a sleek and minimal design.

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