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Interior Designers Are Looking Outside the Box

Interior Designers Are Looking Outside the Box

Interior Designers Look Outwards

Bob Dylan said it best, “the times they are a-changin.” When you look around, nearly everything has changed in the last couple years – from the way we work, to the way we live and where we spend our time – it’s likely difficult to pinpoint an area of your life that hasn’t changed at least slightly. In a world that’s been dominated by COVID-19, many of us have spent more time at home since 2019 than we ever have before. Thus the desire for beautiful, quality outdoor spaces where we can safely visit with and entertain friends and family have become top-of-the-list home renovation projects for many of us. No one knows this better than interior designers, many of whom have had major shifts in their clients wants and needs as the importance of beautiful exterior areas has come into focus.

Even before COVID-19, landscaping and exterior design were slowly becoming a focal point for homeowners; outdoor areas were being thought of as an extension of indoor living space, not something completely separate. A savvy homeowner surely knows that the right modification to landscaping and exterior design can be a boon for home value when executed thoughtfully and masterfully. Of course, it’s long past time to give home exteriors the attention they rightfully deserve.

In our world of design and decor, evidence of recent change is abundant by the uptick of inquiries by interior designers looking for custom items and a partner to help them achieve their client’s vision. Between personal inquiries from industry professionals as well as homeowners, we’ve seen major increases in requests for items such as:

Fire pits:

Entertaining around a fire pit is a great way to extend a party from day to night or keep the parties happening from one season to the next. We carry firepits of all different shapes and sizes and in a variety of finishes.


Outdoor sculptures:

As people spend more time in their outdoor areas, a need to add some flair becomes apparent. Sculptures are a great way to show personality in a durable and lasting way. 


Outdoor dining area items:

It’s more popular than ever to dine al fresco. Looking beyond your options at local department stores ensures your dining area items withstand the elements and the test of time.


These items and others in our catalog have always been popular with our clientele, but the surge in requests and interest in the modern outdoor furnishings we have at Boxhill & Co. tells us that exterior design is on the rise for the foreseeable future.

Partnering For Success

As we’ve stated, no one is feeling this seismic shift that’s occurred in the last couple of years more acutely than interior designers. These purveyors of indoor style and trends have made quick pivots to meet the demand of homeowners and business owners in need of outdoor makeovers. As masters of the interior domain, not every interior designer feels comfortable recommending exterior lounge furniture or the perfect quality fire pit as they may be with lush carpet options and on-trend paint choices. They likely receive a few catalogs of outdoor brands, but may not know which products are best for a certain region, or what options exist beyond what’s shown. That’s where we come in – as support to interior designers. Our vast knowledge of landscape design and styling and extensive connections to high-quality, sustainable, and modern outdoor furnishings are unmatched. Boxhill & Co has over 52 different outdoor lines for every climate and region a designer may be working in. We have you covered.

Interior designers should have no fear; they can remain the expert for their clients, save money with our trade discounts, and enjoy the many perks that our trade program provides. Our aim is to partner with your skillset, not dull your shine or overhaul your projects.

Don’t just take our word for it. Take longtime client Danielle’s word for it. 

“I’ve worked with Elizabeth and Boxhill on two outdoor projects. One of them being my design for the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs. She and her team always go above and beyond to accommodate my unique design needs making color customizations and any special requests we have happen. Our custom outdoor pink-striped umbrellas were done to our exact specifications and now have become an iconic design feature on the property. Elizabeth knows how to work well with designers and also offer her specialized expertise. Her products are always top-tier and curated to really last in a hospitality environment. She also has an eye for design that is both beautiful and practical. Elizabeth really knows her stuff when it comes to outdoor decor and design. Not only that, but she’s also incredibly kind and easy to work with. Can’t recommend Boxhill more highly!”

Danielle Nagel, Dazey LA, @dazey_la
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