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How to Clean Your In-Pool Furniture

How to Clean Your In-Pool Furniture

So you’ve got your tanning ledge in your swimming pool, and you’ve chosen the perfect in-pool lounge chairs and side tables. Your outside oasis is complete. But how do you keep your in-pool furniture looking like new? Follow these cleaning tips and techniques, and you’ll also extend the life of your outdoor furniture investment. 

How Often Should I Clean My In-pool Furniture? 

Like any outdoor furnishings, your in-pool furniture will occasionally require deep cleaning. The frequency will depend on use, your pool’s pH and alkalinity balances, and sunscreen and lotion residue. This should come as no surprise, but to reduce the need to deep clean your in-pool furniture, you should take care of your furnishings as you use them. A simple rinse with your garden hose following each use can go a long way to keeping your pool furnishings in excellent condition. While this is a wonderful habit you should practice, the time will come when your pool furniture starts to show dirt and grime — don’t worry, cleaning is easy!

Ways to Clean In-Pool Furniture

1.The obvious first step is simply cleaning your in-pool loungers and accessories with clean water and a soft-bristle brush or towel. 

2. Should this not yield your desired result, you can add a mild household cleaner, such as a hand dishwashing soap that dissolves dirt and grease. Popular options include Joy, Ivory, Dawn, and even eco-friendly options such as Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers. Other options to try include any magic cleaning sponge, or a Calcium, Lime, and Rust cleaner. 

3. For a deeper cleaning, you can remove and drain your in-pool furniture before spraying it with a deep mold and mildew stain remover, such as CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover). Allow the furnishings to sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes and scrub with a non-scratch scrub sponge or magic eraser sponge. Then, simply rinse away dirt and residual cleaner, fill up your in-pool furniture as directed, and return them to your tanning ledge.

4. If you need an even deeper clean, try Bio-Dex 300 Swimming Pool Tile Cleaner, available at most pool supply stores as well as Amazon. Bio-Dex 300 is a harsh chemical, and the utmost care and protection are advised, including wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as heavy-duty rubber gloves and safety glasses. Once you have the proper materials, follow these extra steps:

  •  Remove your in-pool furniture from the swimming pool and drain.
  • Apply Bio-Dex 300 to a soft scrubbing pad and scrub affected areas in a circular motion while in a ventilated area and wearing proper PPE.
  • Apply pressure and continue the application of cleaner until desired results are achieved.
  • Once cleaned, rinse with clean water, refill and return your in-pool furniture to its proper place on your sun shelf.

5. If the chemicals don’t appeal to you, you can always try a power washer. Start with a low PSI and stand at least 3 feet away from the in-pool furniture as you blast away dirt and grime. 

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