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A modern desert patio with white chaise loungers overlooking a pool.

Desert Geometry

Boxhill's Principal Designer, Elizabeth Przygoda Montgomery, transformed a worn Tucson landscape and patio into a chic, relaxing beach-inspired retreat, earning recognition in both Gardenista's 2017 Considered Design Awards and HGTV's 2018 Ultimate Outdoor Awards.

Shaded Veranda

The contemporary shaded veranda features beams extending from a built-in fireplace to support a corrugated metal roof, with a muted color palette that highlights the subtle texture of the materials.

A second perspective of the shaded area reveals the transformative power of subtle lighting. Cafe lights and the gentle glow of the fire turn the space from a daytime retreat into a warm, inviting sanctuary after sundown.

Fireside City Views

A second fire pit, strategically placed across the yard, becomes an inviting evening destination. The garden wall incorporates a lowered notch, offering residents a captivating view of the city skyline.

Clean lines of hardscape and strategically placed, large-scale cacti serve as structural, living art throughout the garden, contributing to the contemporary aesthetic.

Vibrant Accents

Incorporating exicting and elegantly functional accents into this space made it come to life. This side table, for example can be easily moved around with the handle, and the tabletop removed to be used as a serving tray.

Get Inspired

Designing Desert Geometry – In crafting this outdoor space, landscape architect Elizabeth Przygoda-Montgomery redefines the outdoor experience, blending modern aesthetics with the tranquility of a traditional shade pergola and living space. This unique hardscape design introduces a covered veranda featuring a built-in fireplace, a sleek pool, and panoramic views of the Tucson skyline through windowed exterior walls.

Client Vibe and Color Palette: A Chill German Oasis – Inspired by the homeowner's German background, "Desert Geometry" channels an Ibiza beach club feel, steering clear of the typical Southwestern garden. Elizabeth's palette dance involves muted tones, with sea glass green, white, grey, and pops of turquoise. Notably, the pool tile, dubbed "Caribbean fog," perfectly captures the laid-back atmosphere, enhanced by subtle sea shell imprints in the floor tile.

Key Design Elements – The heart of this design lies in its shaded veranda, where beams radiate from a built-in fireplace under a corrugated metal roof, allowing the subdued color palette to showcase the raw textures of concrete, the sheen of the metal roof, and the captivating flooring pattern. As evening falls, the space transforms into a warm sanctuary, lit by cafe lights and the gentle glow of the fire. The garden's contemporary charm is defined by clean hardscape lines and strategically placed large-scale cacti, while tiered exterior walls mimic the natural hillside, adding visual intrigue and providing a backdrop for mature trees. Completing the experience, a second fire pit, strategically positioned, beckons as an inviting evening destination, and a lowered notch in the garden wall frames captivating views of the city skyline.

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