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Make Your Outdoor Furniture Last Season After Season

At Boxhill, we're dedicated to more than just selling outdoor furniture and accessories; we promote a practical approach to sustainability. When you invest in our outdoor furnishings, you're choosing products designed to last, built from materials that can withstand the rigors of the elements. This isn't just about aesthetics—it's about crafting furniture that doesn't end up in a landfill because it's made to endure. Our focus on quality and selecting the right materials for your environment ensures that each piece can handle season after season, whatever the weather. By choosing durability, you’re making a real, sustainable choice for the planet and your outdoor space.

Featuring the Santorini upholstered outdoor dining chairs from Boxhill

Choosing the Right Products

Understand Your Environment

Outdoor environments vary dramatically—from salty coastal breezes to harsh, sun-baked arid zones, and the chilly dampness of mountainous areas. Each setting demands specific features from outdoor products. In sunny areas, UV-resistant fabrics are crucial to prevent fading, while in coastal regions, rust-proof metalwork is essential to withstand the moist, salty air. At Boxhill, we meticulously select materials that not only fit the aesthetic of these environments but are engineered to last.

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Material Matters

The longevity of outdoor furniture significantly depends on the materials used. Teak, renowned for its durability and resistance to weather, and stainless steel, celebrated for its rust resistance, are prime examples of materials that ensure the longevity of outdoor furnishings. At Boxhill, we take material selection a step further by incorporating high-grade synthetics and specialized fabrics designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

A cornerstone of our upholstered products is Sunbrella fabric. Known for its superior durability, Sunbrella performance fabrics are crafted to resist fading and maintain their vibrant colors over time. This material is perfect for outdoor settings, offering unmatched resistance to UV rays, mildew, and atmospheric chemicals, ensuring that your furniture remains stunning season after season.

In addition to durable fabrics, most of our upholstered furniture features advanced cushioning technologies. For many of our products, cushions are wrapped in weather-resistant AirTouch fabric, complemented by QuickDryfoam®. This innovative foam technology enables the cushions to dry rapidly after being soaked by rain, reducing downtime and maintenance hassle. This combination not only enhances comfort but also ensures that you can return to enjoying your outdoor living space shortly after a downpour.

By integrating these advanced materials into our furniture designs, Boxhill ensures that each piece not only meets the aesthetic requirements of sophisticated outdoor settings but also stands the test of time under varied environmental conditions.

Featuring the Santorini Sectional from Boxhill

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Routine Cleaning

Maintaining outdoor furniture is key to its longevity. For metal furnishings, regular wiping to remove dirt and prevent rust is crucial; for wood, periodic oiling helps preserve its luster and durability. Fabrics benefit from occasional gentle washing to prevent mildew and fading. Additionally, maintaining fire pits involves regular ash removal and protection from rain. We provide a seasonal cleaning checklist to help you keep your outdoor spaces pristine.

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Storage and Protection

Proper storage during off-season months can dramatically extend the life of your furniture. We recommend using protective covers, especially for pieces that are not inherently weatherproof. Boxhill offers a range of covers, as well as stackable and foldable models, which not only protect but also save space.

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Featuring the Tahiti Sectional from Boxhill

Understanding the Investment in Outdoor Furniture

Why Outdoor Costs More than Indoor

Outdoor furniture is crafted to withstand extreme elements—from UV rays and torrential rains to snow and fluctuating temperatures. This requires advanced manufacturing processes, specialized materials, and treatments to enhance durability and resist decay. Such intricate craftsmanship not only ensures durability but also embodies sophisticated design, contributing to the higher cost of outdoor furniture.

Cost Versus Longevity

Investing in high-quality outdoor furniture translates into long-term savings. While the initial cost might be higher, durable furniture avoids the cycle of frequent replacements, proving economical in the long run. Furthermore, choosing sustainable options reduces environmental impact, underscoring our philosophy that true quality extends beyond aesthetics to include ethical manufacturing and longevity.

Featuring the Durban Outdoor Fire Table from Boxhill

At Boxhill, our dedication to quality and sustainability defines every product we offer. We invite you to invest in furniture that stands the test of time, supporting a sustainable, quality-driven lifestyle. Embrace a choice that not only enhances your outdoor living but also aligns with our mission to transform spaces into lasting sanctuaries of beauty and functionality.

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