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Bikini In-Pool Chaise Loungers line a commercial pool in alternating orange and white colors.

The Features that Matter Most when Selecting In-Pool Furniture

Creating an inviting and functional pool area is about more than just choosing the right tiles or the perfect pool shape. It's about making the space truly livable and enjoyable. One key aspect of this is selecting the right in-pool furniture. But with so many options on the market, how do you make the right choice? Here's what you need to consider.

Understanding the Importance of Material Choice in In-Pool Furniture

The right material is not just about aesthetics; it's crucial for durability. In-pool furniture faces unique challenges, including exposure to pool chemicals, UV rays, and water. Look for materials known for their resistance to these elements. Polyethylene, for example, is UV resistant and unaffected by chlorine, making it an excellent choice for longevity and maintaining appearance.

Polyethylene: Polyethylene is a versatile, high-strength plastic known for its durability and resistance to environmental stresses. Often used in the production of in-pool furniture like our SHAYZ In-Pool Lounger, it is safety-designed to be compatible with various pool types, including vinyl liner pools, gunite, and fiberglass. Its smooth surface and rounded edges help prevent damage to delicate pool surfaces. Key features include:

  • UV resistance and unaffected by chlorine, ensuring longevity and maintaining appearance.

  • Rustproof and waterproof qualities make it ideal for pool environments.

  • Exceptional chemical resistance, capable of withstanding hundreds of chemicals, body oils, and fluids.

  • Easy to clean with simple soap and water.

  • Supports substantial weight, demonstrating extreme impact resistance.

  • Environmentally friendly, as it's 100% recyclable.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Waterproof Concrete (GFRWC): GFRWC is a material known for its ultra-high strength, making it an excellent choice for in-pool furniture like the Curve Chaise Lounger. It combines glass fibers with concrete to create a material that is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. Key advantages include:

  • Built to withstand harsh outdoor and in-pool environments.

  • Those in the Boxhill collection are finished with diamond pads for a smooth touch and sealed with a clear system for added protection.

  • Offers an ideal blend of durability and safety, with a design that is both functional and stylish.

UV20 Rated Resin: UV20 rated resin is crafted to endure the sun, weather, and pool chemicals, making it suitable for all types of pools, including vinyl. It’s used in products like our Signature Chaise due to its color stability and resistance to direct sunlight for up to 20,000 hours. Characteristics of UV20 rated resin include:

  • High-quality composition that ensures longevity and durability.

  • Resistance to fading, cracking, or peeling under extensive UV exposure.

  • Compatibility with various pool environments, demonstrating versatility in use.

Sunbrella Fabric: Many people like to add an extra layer of comfort to their in-pool furniture in the form of cushions or pillows. Make sure you look for accessories made from outdoor fabrics that can withstand prolonged exposure to sun, and water. Renowned for its durability and resistance to fading, Sunbrella fabric is paired with outdoor foam to create high-quality in-pool furniture accessories, such as chaise headrests. Noteworthy features of Sunbrella fabric include:

  • Easy maintenance, needing only a light scrub with soap and water for cleaning.

  • Resistance to mold, mildew, and staining, making it perfect for outdoor and poolside use.

Installation and Stability Features

Your in-pool furniture shouldn't float away with the first splash. Stability is key, whether through designs that fill with water to anchor them down or weighted bases. Ease of installation also matters, especially for homeowners who prefer a DIY approach to pool design.

 The In-Pool Bikini Chaise Lounger from Boxhill requires no assembly and its variable water ballast provides a secure footing on zero-depth pool entrances and ledges. Made from commercial-grade polyethylene material chemically resistant to bleach, salt solution and chlorine solution, this lounger is an excellent fit for commercial spaces such as hotels and waterparks.

There’s no complicated setup when it comes to the Signature Chaise Deep from Boxhill. Using it’s threaded plug system, just submerge in the pool to fill with pool water and place it on the ledge to enjoy more time relaxing.

Versatility and Movability

Consider how often you'll want to change your pool layout. Lightweight designs can be easily moved and repositioned, offering flexibility for different occasions or simply a change of scenery. However, if you prefer a more permanent setup, heavier options might be more suitable.

When out of the water, the Shayz In-Pool Lounger from Boxhill is lightweight and easy to move, but fills with water when submerged so it won’t float away.

The Splash Moon In-Pool Chair from Boxhill features built-in cup holders and a handle for easy mobility. Ideal for spaces large and small, it fits perfectly on small tanning ledges and eliminates the need for an in-pool table. Lightweight and designed for up to 12 inches of submersion, it’s perfect for both private retreats and bustling hotels, making pool maintenance and rearrangement a breeze.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Look for furniture that's easy to clean and maintain. The pool area is meant for relaxation, not added chores. Some materials and designs are more prone to algae growth or staining from pool chemicals. Opting for furniture that requires minimal upkeep will ensure it remains a source of joy, not a burden.

Optimal Water Depth and Furniture Function

Consider the depth of your pool and the intended function of your furniture. Whether you're lounging in the shallow end or looking for chairs suitable for deeper water, ensure the furniture meets your specific needs. Some pieces are designed with adjustability in mind, suitable for various depths.

Combine the Signature Riser with your Signature Chaise Lounger to elevate your poolside experience. It extends the water depth capacity to 15.5 inches, allowing you to position your lounger on the deepest tanning ledge or simply sit less submerged. Achieve total comfort, exactly how you prefer it. Risers are also available for the Signature In-Pool Chaise Deep and Signature Chair (Highback / Lowback).

Elevating comfort without compromising style, the Shayz In-Pool Loungers from Boxhill offer optional risers in 4”, 8”, and 12” heights. These risers are crafted to blend seamlessly with the Shayz's elegant design, allowing you to adjust your seating height for various water depths while maintaining the lounger's optimal angle.

Personalized Accessories for Enhanced Comfort and Convenience

Personalization can significantly enhance your pool experience. Features like built-in cup holders, adjoining side tables for your essentials, and sun shades with media pockets can turn a simple dip into a luxurious experience. Neck pillows and furniture designed for various body sizes ensure comfort for everyone.

The Splash Mibster In-Pool Chairs from Boxhill feature built-in cupholders allowing you to forego installing an in-pool table if you don't have the space, and its footprint is significantly less than that of typical loungers, making it ideal for small tanning ledges.

For an extra layer of comfort on your deck, the Chaise Cushion transforms our Signature Chaises into the ultimate relaxation haven. This full-length cushion, complete with an integrated headrest pillow, elevates your lounging or poolside nap experience. Designed to complement both our Signature Chaise and Chaise Deep, this cushion is ideal for dry use, enhancing your outdoor leisure moments.

The Ledge Lounger In-Pool Signature Chaise Shade from Boxhill combines sun protection with entertainment, featuring a unique media viewing window for devices, and a hassle-free slide-on design for easy use with the Signature Chaise or Chaise Deep. Made from durable, UV-resistant marine-grade fabric, it offers lasting sun defense and personal style customization options.

The In-Pool Signature Chaise Headrest Pillow from Boxhill is a premium accessory designed for the Signature Chaise and Chaise Deep. This pillow features a convenient built-in pocket for your essentials and offers extensive customization, including colors and embroidery, to match your personal style. Made from durable, marine-grade fabric with EZ-Dri foam, it's fade and mold-resistant.

A huge crowd-pleaser the Ledge Lounger Signature Tall Ice Bin Side Table from Boxhill serves as both a side table and a cooler. From beverages to freezies, it’s the perfect fun accessory for your pool ledge.

Creating Your Ideal Poolside Experience

In-pool furniture is more than just a place to sit—it's about enhancing your pool experience. From sunbathing to enjoying a refreshing drink in the water, the right furniture supports your lifestyle and activities. Consider how each piece fits into your vision of poolside living. We like to design outdoor spaces as a series of vignettes, such as a chat area, a bar / dining area, a game area, etc. You can do the same with in-pool spaces. Here are some of our favorite in-pool pieces beyond the typical chaise lounge that can help you think outside the box.

The Signature Barstool from Boxhill revolutionizes in-pool seating with its no-installation design, eliminating the need for in-ground fixtures. This innovative barstool features self-sinking technology for quick setup—just drop it in the water and it finds its place on the pool floor. Designed for maximum comfort and versatility, it offers lower back support and adapts to different pool floor angles, making it perfect for both pool and patio use.

The Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Pillow from Boxhill is the ultimate blend of a bean bag's comfort and a pool float's ease, offering instant relaxation without the need for inflation. This spacious pillow supports up to 400 lbs and features easy-care, machine-washable fabric with bleachable and interchangeable covers for endless style customization. Ideal for those seeking both luxury and simplicity in their poolside relaxation, the Laze Pillow redefines lounging with its blend of innovation, comfort, and personal expression.

Inspired by the playful use of their chaise loungers, the Ledge Lounger Signature Slide is crafted with the same robust materials and available in vibrant colors to match the Signature Chaise Lounge, and designed for endless fun. This slide is equipped with slip-resistant steps and smooth, rounded edges for safe play while adults unwind close by.

Selecting the right in-pool furniture involves more than picking out pieces that catch your eye. It's about finding furniture that combines functionality with durability, designed for the unique environment of your pool. At Boxhill, we understand the importance of every detail in creating your perfect outdoor oasis. Explore our curated selection and discover how we can help you live life outside in style and comfort.

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