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An outdoor living area designed by Boxhill featuring a corner sectional, large concrete fire table, and white planters.

The Power of Customization

Don't settle for "close enough." More than a third of our vendors are makers, which means we can arrange a completely custom product for your client. Don’t see the color or material you need? Ask us to arrange it.

How to Order Custom Products

Select Product(s)

All custom projects start from an existing product. So find the product that's a close match to what you want. If you have a vision but need help finding a good starting point, just ask! That's what we're here for.

Detail Desired Customizations

List the details of the desired customizations (i.e. color, finish, size). If there are additional features you're looking for (i.e. safety features for commercial spaces, alternative ingnition types, etc.) be sure to list those as well.

Provide Draft Drawing

If possible, a draft drawing of the exact dimensions is really helpful to provide to our makers. If you don't have this, don't worry! We'll figure it out together.

Contact Us

Once you've gathered your information, reach out to us at to get started.

Custom Concrete

From pebble tables to fire pits, we coordinate custom concrete builds to make sure you have the right size, shape, and color for your outdoor space.

Trixie Motel Umbrella

We custom designed these iconic two-toned umbrellas for the Trixie Motel in Palm Springs with the perfect bubblegum pink fabric and scalloped, fringed edges.

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