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Become a Vendor

Join BoxHill Vendors Program and gain access to the hundreds of conscious clients who buy from us.

Why become a Vendor?

We pride ourselves on deeply personalized service to landscape designers, licensed architects building contractors, interior designers, hospitality firms, business owners, and other qualifying professionals who are designing or installing outdoor spaces for clients.


We can recommend a few products, create a custom mood board and detailed spec sheets, or create a virtual design for your project. Our trade service is tailored to your level of need.


We have long-standing relationships with a global network of artisans, manufacturers, and distributors providing you access to unique products that are ensured to be durable for outdoor use. If you do not see what you need online, we will find it or create it for your project.


As a trade partner, you receive a professional discount that ranges from 5 to 25%, depending on the vendor. Most orders are free of sales tax and you pay only actual shipping costs.

Project management

Use our website to add products to your project quote, save the information, and prepare presentations for clients. Work with one of our in-house designers and get product fact sheets and information on vendors, and receive guidance on managing lead-times and shipping logistics.

Custom solution

More than a third of our vendors are makers, which means we can arrange a completely custom product for your client. Don’t see the color or material you need? Ask us to arrange it. Is your project so large or specific, you’re not sure where to start? Our experienced design team has deep industry knowledge and can get you started in the right direction.

Attentive service

Your priorities are our priorities. We are here to serve you and will do all in our power to meet your tight deadlines and support your designs and plans.