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7 Things you need to know when picking a fire pit for your yard

7 Things you need to know when picking a fire pit for your yard

Did you know there are a ton of ways to customize a fire pit so that it perfectly fits your style, primary use, and personal preferences? From ambiance to ease of use, customizing elements of your fire pit can enhance your fireside experience immensely. Here are some ways you can tailor your fire pit selection so you end up with the perfect fit.

Fuel Type

Some like to smell wood smoke when sitting around the fire, while others prefer the ease of turning on the gas and lighting a match. Whatever your preference, we’ve got stunning options for each. If you’re going with propane, you might also consider a matching tank cover, though some fire pits actually conceal the tank within! Plus, an upgrade to electric ignition is available for many of our models.


From expansive to compact, rectangular to round, and all the quirky shapes in between like this jaw-dropping Royal Fire Pit. So, whether you’re regularly hosting S’mores parties, looking to make a real stylistic statement, or just need a little ambient warmth, options abound.


When selecting the right size fire pit for your outdoor space, consider both the physical space you have as well as the primary way you’ll enjoy the fire pit. Will it be the focal point or primary gathering place of your space? Or perhaps it’s meant simply to add ambiance. Will you host many guests around the fire at once or just a few? Many of our fire pit styles come in a variety of sizes like the Phantom Fire Pit featured here. And since a lot of our vendors are makers themselves, we can often order custom sizes.


From high-performance concrete to carbon steel, choosing the right fire pit material is more than an aesthetic preference. Our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect fire pit material for your geographic location and weather conditions.  Many models come with material or finish options in addition to colors and special coatings. Custom materials, colors or finishes may also be available upon request.

Accent Rock

Dramatically change the vibe of your fire pit with a simple switch of fire media. From bright colors to natural stones you can enhance your favorite design elements easily. This is a super easy, and affordable way to customize the look of your fire pit. We also love to switch out our fire rocks seasonally as a quick and easy refresh.

Wind Guard

Many of our fire pits, like this stunning Linea Fire Table have the option for a custom-fit wind guard that is sleek, stylish, and effective at maintaining flames on a windy day. Look for an add-on or contact us for custom options.


It is essential to keep the heating elements of gas and propane fire pits free of debris, and exposure to the elements can cause structural and aesthetic damage over time. Protect your investment with a high-quality cover. We work closely with our cover manufacturers and custom covers can always be made for those odd shapes or sizes, so if you don’t see what you need, or have questions about the best fit, just ask!

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