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A modern pool deck with white tanning ledge chairs and in-pool side table with umbrella hole.

Enhancing Pool Deck Designs with Portable Patio and In-Pool Furniture

Creating the perfect pool deck goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about addressing practical needs and solving design challenges. At Boxhill, we leverage our extensive experience in landscape design and outdoor furniture to provide valuable insights for both residential and commercial spaces. Today, we’re focusing on how portable in-pool furniture can transform any pool area. From seasonal adjustments to creating versatile, dynamic spaces, our expert tips and curated selections will help you tackle common pool deck design problems with confidence.

Why we love portable patio and in-pool furniture for pool deck designs:

Portable Pool Furniture in Residential Settings:

Family Gatherings and Parties

  • Easily reconfigure pool area for events and gatherings.

  • Create sunbathing areas or splash zones for kids.

Seasonal Adjustments

  • Quickly set up pool area in summer and convenient storage in winter.

  • Protect pool deck furniture from harsh weather conditions.

Daily Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Facilitate thorough cleaning by easily shifting in-pool furniture.

  • Keep the pool deck clean and inviting year-round.

Creating Versatile Spaces

  • Adapt pool and patio spaces for different types of gatherings.

  • Arrange for both relaxed lounging and lively parties at the pool.

Portable Pool Furniture in Commercial Settings (Hotels and Short-Term Rentals):

Hotel Pool Parties and Events

  • Quickly reconfigure pool areas for events.

  • Create cozy pool deck seating areas for guests.

Seasonal Changes and Weather Protection

  • Move in-pool and deck furniture to storage during the off-season.

  • Ensure pool furniture stays in good condition year-round.

Flexible Guest Experiences

  • Allow guests to customize the pool area to their liking.

  • Enhance guest satisfaction with versatile in-pool furniture arrangements.

Quick Turnarounds for Rentals

  • Swiftly rearrange and clean pool area between guest stays.

  • Ensure the pool area is always ready for new arrivals.

Themed Events and Decorations

  • Adapt poolside setups to match event themes.

  • Provide customizable backdrops for different occasions.

Featuring the Shayz In-Pool Lounger that's lightweight and easy to move but equally stable in pools and on pool decks.

Our Favorite Pool-Friendly Portable Stools

Ledge Loungers Signature Barstool

Get ready to elevate your poolside game with the sleek and stylish Ledge Loungers Signature Barstool. UV-resistant, durable, and incredibly chic, it’s the perfect spot for a sun-soaked chat.

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Splash Drift Stool (Outdoor Chair, Set of 2)

Versatile, lightweight, and effortlessly cool, the Splash Drift Stools are your go-to for flexible poolside seating. Modern design meets maximum convenience—just what your pool area needs.

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Twisted Hex In-Pool Stool (Set of 2)

Add some geometric flair with the Twisted Hex In-Pool Stools. These durable, easy-to-move beauties blend modern design with practical function, making your pool area pop.

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Our Top Picks for Portable In-Pool Loungers & Chairs

Shayz Lounger Chair (Set of 2)

Relax in style with the Shayz Lounger Chairs. Sleek, portable, and oh-so-comfortable, they’re perfect for soaking up the sun.

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Splash Mibster Outdoor Chair (Set of 2)

Lightweight and versatile, the Splash Mibster Chairs bring a modern touch to your poolside setup. Perfect for flexible seating with a dash of contemporary cool.

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Woosah Tall In-Pool Lounge Chair Set

Elevate your relaxation with the Woosah Tall In-Pool Lounge Chairs. Easy to move and stylish, they’re ideal for both poolside and in-pool lounging.

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Splash Moon Outdoor Chair (Set of 2)

Add a splash of style with the Splash Moon Outdoor Chairs. Durable and chic, they’re designed to keep your pool area looking fabulous and functional.

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Portable In-Pool Side Tables

Splash Amped Side Table

Keep your poolside essentials close with the Splash Amped Side Table. Compact, stylish, and always ready for action.

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Ripple Side Table

Stylish and durable, the Ripple Side Table is your trusty poolside companion, keeping drinks and snacks within easy reach.

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Ledge Lounger Partypad Swim-Up Bar

Turn your pool into the ultimate party zone with the Ledge Lounger Partypad Swim-Up Bar. Fun, functional, and perfect for entertaining.

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Ripple In-Pool Wide Side Table

Functional and fabulous, the Ripple In-Pool Wide Side Table offers ample surface area and sleek design for your poolside needs.

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Luxury In-Pool Pillows & Pool Floats – The Ultimate Portable Pool Accessories

Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Pillow

Relax in luxury with the Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Pillow. Comfortable, stylish, and perfect for floating your cares away.

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Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Doodle

Short and supportive this next-generation noodle is a fan favorite when it comes to pool accessories.  

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Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Noodle

Make a splash with the Ledge Lounger Laze In-Pool Noodle. Long and flexible, it’s ideal for both play and relaxation.

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Ledge Lounger Laze Hammock

Experience poolside perfection with the Ledge Lounger Laze Hammock. Ultimate comfort and style for the ultimate relaxation.

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