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Three pink in-pool loungers on a tanning ledge while people float on in-pool pillows.

How to Design Your Pool with In-Pool Furniture in Mind

Rectangle and kidney bean-shaped pools are undoubtedly great to have, but these days you can modernize your backyard with a resort-quality pool, complete with stylish and modern in-pool furniture. Before you start shopping for those cute in-pool lounge chairs, you've got to consider your swimming pool design. Elizabeth Przygoda shares her more than 25 years of experience designing pools with you.

What is a Pool Ledge?

A pool ledge also referred to as a sun shelf, Baja shelf, tanning shelf, or tanning ledge, is a shallow swimming pool area designed for ease recreating outdoors. Pool ledges offer a safe place to relax in the water, providing relief from the hot sun without requiring submerging yourself in water. Not to be confused with a beach entry, pool ledges require less space and are raised platforms in your pool with a few inches up to 15" of water. What's more, these pool features can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with most spanning five feet in length and 10 feet in width.

Whether renovating an existing pool or designing a new one, custom pool builders can create and install the ideal pool ledge for you. If you want in-pool furniture in your pool, you'll need waterline depths from 0" to 15".

So just how do you decide? There are many reasons to choose a depth. A shallow 6" depth is ideal for small dogs, depths of up to 12" make a great kiddie pool, and up to 15" of water is a perfect playground for the young and young at heart. The choice comes down to who will use the pool and how you plan to use the space.

When you know you want to add in-pool lounge chairs to your sun shelf and are at the beginning of your swimming pool design, the perfect place to start is by browsing in-pool furniture. This way, you can find just what you want, so your pool ledge is designed with the proper depth from the start. If you're going to add these fun and functional accessories to your swimming pool, you'll want to measure your water depth and shop for the right in-pool furniture. If you already have a pool ledge over 15" deep, there are additional riser solutions.

How to Choose In-Pool Furniture

In-pool loungers and tables add style and convenience to your swimming pool. Boxhill offers a variety of in-pool lounge chairs, tables and accessories designed for an array of depths. Browse the options by depth to determine what kind of tanning ledge you need to create your ideal backyard swimming pool experience. You're sure to make the perfect spot to relax while enjoying a cold beverage, observing the children, or simply enjoying the view in style.

Up to 9" Depth In-Pool Loungers


Boxhill's Tanning Low Back Pool Chair offers superb lumbar support, is designed for ultimate relaxation, and comes in 11 vibrant colors.


Soak up some sun and take in the view with Boxhill's Tanning Ledge High Back Pool Chair. This ergonomic chair is just the right combination of modern style and versatile practicality and comes in 11 different hues.


Why settle for a poolside lounger when you could have a stunning In-Pool Tanning Shelf Lounger specifically designed to sit right atop the water in your pool's tanning ledge? These contoured pool loungers come in 11 distinctly beautiful colors and will transform your pool from a simple backyard oasis into a resort-quality staycation destination.

Up to 12" Depth In-Pool Loungers


The stylish and modern Contemporary Arc Short Pool Lounger offers a more upright sitting position, ideal for reading and observing from your in-water pool lounger. The contemporary design comes in six signature colors with several headrest pillow options.


Boxhill's Curve Relaxation Concrete Chaise Loungers makes a true statement piece for any décor. The minimalist design comes in six signature chaise colors and several headrest pillow options.  

10" to 15" Depth In-Pool Loungers


Boxhill's Tanning Ledge Deep Pool Lounger is made with your pool's deeper tanning ledge in mind. These contoured and elegant modern pool lounge chairs come in 11 colors and add fun and functionality to any tanning ledge pool.

Even More In-Pool Furnishings

Complete your resort-quality pool experience with additional furnishings that will create an enchanting environment for your next get-together. 


Add radiance to your landscape or swimming pool with Boxhill's Ball LED pool lights. These charming LED sphere lights can cycle through a spectrum of colors. Customize the look by choosing a single color or a candle effect. Its wireless Bluetooth SmartMesh® technology allows you to control your lamps via your smartphone or tablet for more freedom. You can connect unlimited lamps covering up to 1 mile.


Keep your beverage and your book safely within reach while lounging in the pool with Boxhill's Tanning Ledge Pool 14-Inch Side Tables. Built specifically for a pool ledge with water depts of 10" or less, these tables pair beautifully with our in-pool chaise loungers and chairs and come in 13 shades. You'll love the ample 18-inch top that keeps your favorite possessions elevated and dry.


Boxhill's Swimming Pool Ice Bin Side Table is a convenient submersible ice bin that holds up to twelve bottles, mixers, or cans, for pool ledges with up to 15" of water. Sleek and modern, its form is as wonderful as it is functional, especially when adding a lid. Choose from 11 colors and added features, including an umbrella sleeve for up to 2-inch poles, as well as a 360-degree drink ledge.


Keep your drinks cool and the fun flowing with Boxhill's Tanning Ledge 22-Inch Side Table. Designed as an outdoor in-pool table, you can use this 22-inch geometric table to hold your drinks on tanning ledges with water up to 15 inches deep. This in-pool side table also provides an umbrella base for lightweight umbrellas and can be paired with a built-in umbrella sleeve for added stability.


Have drinks by the pool with Boxhill's Shelf Pool Side Table. This durable side table fits almost anywhere from your patio to your pool.


The Boxhill Cube Concrete Side Table is a perfect pool statement piece for inside or outside of your pool. Customize your look by choosing one of our seven standard colors, with or without an umbrella holder.


Boxhill's top selling in-pool table works in water depths up to 10″. Water can enter and exit the product's core through holes added to the bottom of this version. It rests in place when placed in the swimming pool. When you pull it out of the pool, the device immediately releases the water so you may use it on the pool deck.

This is just the beginning of all of the fun selections you’ll be making as you create your dream outdoor oasis. Should you ever need any assistance or recommendations, reach out to the professionals at Boxhill for a consultation.

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