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Let There be Fire: How to Choose a Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Let There be Fire: How to Choose a Fire Pit for Your Backyard

Ever since man discovered fire, people of all ages have been entranced by its flicker and warmth. Not only is fire practical, providing heat to keep folks warm and to prepare food, fire is also good for your health by lowering blood pressure. When you are ready to add a focal point to your backyard, you can find the perfect fire pit for you. Elizabeth Przygoda shares her more than 25 years of experience designing spectacular outdoor areas.

With so many types and styles of modern fire features from fire tables to fire pits to fire bowls, it’s important to explore your options before settling on one for your backyard. There are also materials to consider, including concrete, copper, and steel as well as what kind of fuel you prefer, such as propane, natural gas, gel, and wood.


What is the Difference: Fire Pits, Fire Tables, and Fire Bowls

Fire pits are stand-alone with no overhang, ideal for use on your patio or non-combustible deck, where fire tables feature an overhang and are ideal if you’re looking for more ledge space to use while entertaining. Both of these options are ideal for patios, where finished fire tables come complete with lava chunks for a plug-and-play experience.

Fire bowls are used as a decorative fire feature for pathways or alongside a pool's edge. Fire bowls come with stainless steel venting/mounting brackets which are meant to be anchored to a column or pedestal. Now that you know the differences, let’s explore some options to light up your backyard.


Our Favorite Fire Pits

The Cazo Fire Pit

Boxhill offers two styles of Cazo Fire Pit. The Cazo Concrete Narrow or Wide Ledge Fire Pits are handmade using color-matched glass fiber reinforced concrete and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each can be fitted for natural gas or propane. These beautiful concrete round fire pits offer enough space for elegant and warm wine and food entertaining.

If you prefer a rustic look, the Cazo Copper Fire Pit is for you. This traditional take on round fire pits is crafted in hammered copper with a wide ledge. This unique fire pit will change color to a blue-green hue as it is exposed to natural elements in your backyard

Royal Fire Pit

Go regal with Boxhill's Royal Fire Pit! You'll love the shadows that this beauty casts on your yard at night. Let it become the crown jewel of your backyard design!

Hand-rolled, 14-gauge steel is laser cut into a beautiful pattern of rhythmic, undulating spires in a striking mid-century modern design. A brilliant focal point for a Palm Springs-style patio, the open middle makes it ideal for roasting marshmallows.


Our Favorite Fire Tables

Linear Cabo Fire Pit Table

The Linear Cabo Fire Pit Table is a beautiful, massive low profile fire pit that makes a bold statement in any backyard. Your family and friends can gather around the elegant flames of this modern, rectangle-shaped fire pit. Choose from 10 different exterior colors and 3 different sizes (56”, 66” or 90”), each compatible with natural gas or propane, and 5 ignition options.

Tavola 5 Outdoor Rectangle Fire Table

The Tavola 5 Fire Table provides an outdoor retreat of warmth and ambiance. Each Table has been hand-crafted using our custom patina finishing process, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variation. The 38"x80" table provides a beautiful and functional centerpiece for any backyard, patio or lounging area, and with the fire off-center, it easily doubles as a coffee table.

Linea Fire Table

Boxhill's Linea Fire Table is craftsmanship at its finest. This fire table works as a great center attraction to enjoy entertaining on a cool evening or divide sections of your space to create an alluring, warm ambiance. Choose between 8 different colors and natural gas or propane fuel type. This model comes in two different sizes and contains a CSA-approved burner and decorative lava rock, for a natural yet modern look.


Our Favorite Fire Bowls

Fire Bowl

With a new twist on a traditional design, Boxhill’s Fire Bowl lends a contemporary air to any space! This unique bowl-shaped fire pit features fire emerging through lava rock, creating an eye-catching accent piece. All materials contain up to 65% recycled material content, and they are, themselves, completely recyclable. This line boasts dependable, commercial-grade durability.

Dish Fire Bowl

Understated and chic, Boxhill’s Fire Dish is the perfect way to bring some warmth to your outdoor space! The thin frame and sleek tapered design of this piece makes the natural beauty of the fire itself the focal point. Each Fire Dish is custom-made, making each product truly unique.

Executive Fire Bowl

The Boxhill Executive Fire Bowl with its traditional round shape is a great gathering place in any outdoor space. These fire bowls are individually handmade and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Combining quality materials, durable construction and superior performance with an optional state of the art, All-Weather Electronic Ignition System, (AWEIS).

No matter which style of fire feature you choose, you’ll need to contact a professional to pre-plan gas lines and installation, and familiarize yourself with gas and fire pit safety. The professionals at Boxhill are standing by to help you select your backyard feature.

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