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Mediterranean Beach Club outdoor furniture with chaise lounges.

Mykonos Moments: 3 Key Elements of Mediterranean Beach Club Style

The nostalgic allure of Mediterranean beach clubs remains a timeless favorite, celebrated for their sunlit elegance and the relaxed sophistication they embody. Places like Scorpios Mykonos in Greece capture this spirit perfectly, offering design inspiration that appeals to anyone looking to recreate that serene, yet chic beach club vibe in their own spaces.

Why people love the Mediterranean beach club style:

The Mediterranean beach club style is beloved for its ability to blend casual comfort with a refined aesthetic. It’s about recreating the feeling of a permanent vacation at home, a retreat where design and function meet effortlessly against a backdrop of natural beauty. Scorpios Mykonos serves as an ideal example from which to base this style, with its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor elements, robust textures, and a color palette inspired by the sea and sand.

Image: Scorpios Mykonos

Achieving the Mediterranean Beach Club Style: Three Key Elements

1. Natural Textures and Materials:

Emphasize the use of natural materials such as rattan, teak, and linen, which bring warmth and authenticity to the design. These materials are not only beautiful but are durable enough to withstand the elements, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

2. Fluid Indoor-Outdoor Living:

Design spaces that encourage movement and interaction, with furniture that is as functional as it is stylish. The goal is to create an environment where boundaries between the inside and the outside blur, enhancing the airy, open feel typical of Mediterranean locales.

3. Light, Airy Color Palettes:

Utilize colors that reflect the seaside landscape—whites, beiges, blues, and greens. These shades help to create a calm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and leisure.

Image: Scorpios Mykonos

Mediterranean Outdoor Lounge Areas

Mediterranean outdoor lounge areas are renowned for their effortless blend of elegance and comfort, a theme perfectly captured in the loungers featured in this serene setting. Constructed from robust natural materials like teak, known for its longevity and graceful aging, they highlight the region's penchant for functional beauty. The minimalistic design of the loungers, with their clean lines and absence of superfluous detail, epitomizes the Mediterranean approach to sophisticated simplicity. Neutral-toned cushions complement the earth and sand palette, enhancing the tranquil outdoor ambiance. These loungers are not just a nod to style but also to functional luxury, offering spacious and plush seating that invites relaxation. To achieve this quintessential Mediterranean look, explore Boxhill's collection, which mirrors these design principles with items that combine the rustic charm and luxurious ease of a beachside retreat.

Cubist Lounger

The Cubish Lounger is the epitome of Boxhill's commitment to timeless design and enduring quality. Its robust teak wood frame showcases the cherished longevity and natural appeal integral to Mediterranean style, while the bed's modern, linear form embraces minimalist sensibilities. Suitable for both commercial and private use, this sunbed promises high performance and weather resistance, ensuring that it remains a staple of sophisticated outdoor lounging year after year.

Rest Chaise Lounge

In the Rest Chaise Lounge Single, sleekness meets sustainability. The contemporary design features a durable aluminum frame and robust weather-resistant weave that marry form and function, reflecting the airy, open-air vibe of a Mediterranean escape. This piece, ideal for design connoisseurs who value commercial-grade durability alongside innovative style, offers ergonomic comfort without compromising on the environmental ethos that is at the heart of Boxhill's values. (Also available in double)

Tapestry Woven Chaise

The Tapestry Woven Chaise Lounge brings a slice of Mediterranean craftsmanship to any space with its richly textured weave. This chaise lounge, celebrating the artisanal skill reminiscent of the region, is built with materials chosen for their sustainability and resilience to the elements. Its intricate patterns and high-performance design make it a standout piece that captures the essence of the bespoke craftsmanship that Boxhill cherishes.

Hayman Teak Batelyne Cabana

Embodying the seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living that Mediterranean leisure is known for, the Hayman Teak Batyline Cabana is a sanctuary of relaxation. Constructed with sturdy teak and accompanied by a weather-resistant Batyline sun shade, it offers a luxurious retreat akin to the coveted loungers of Scorpios Mykonos. This cabana exemplifies Boxhill's dedication to creating spaces that are as functional as they are beautifully designed.

Formentera Daybed

The Formentera Daybed is Boxhill's answer to the laid-back, sun-soaked Mediterranean lifestyle. Generous in size and featuring plush cushions, this daybed is designed for ultimate relaxation and durability, making it suitable for the wear and tear of commercial use while still offering the comfort and style of a private island retreat. Its inviting form is not only a nod to Mediterranean charm but also a testament to Boxhill's pursuit of crafting spaces for life's best moments, made to last beyond the season.

Image: Scorpios Mykonos

Mediterranean Outdoor Dining Areas

Mediterranean outdoor dining spaces are the epitome of al fresco elegance, a dining experience entwined with nature's own aesthetic. The dining areas at the Scorpios Mykonos reflect a harmony of design that speaks to both tradition and relaxed sophistication—a hallmark of Mediterranean style. Rustic wooden tables set the stage for gatherings, their sturdy and weathered surfaces telling stories of past feasts and timeless camaraderie. Woven chairs embody the artisanal spirit, their organic textures and materials blending seamlessly into the coastal backdrop. Under the woven reed canopies that filter sunlight into warm, dappled patterns, each meal becomes a celebration of the outdoors. These dining areas are designed not only for beauty but also for endurance, featuring furniture crafted from sustainable resources that can withstand the elements, embodying Boxhill’s dedication to high-performance, commercial-grade products. For those looking to bring this blend of rustic charm and sustainable luxury into their projects, Boxhill's curated selection offers everything needed to create an enchanting Mediterranean dining oasis.

Basket Outdoor Dining Chair

Drawing from the woven textures present in Mediterranean dining settings, the Basket Outdoor Dining Chair is a nod to the artisanal elegance of coastal life. This chair's robust frame and flexible resin wicker construction provide the perfect blend of durability and comfort, making it a suitable choice for both intimate home patios and bustling commercial venues. The chair's timeless design and weather-resistant materials ensure longevity, reflecting Boxhill's commitment to sustainability and high-performance outdoor furnishings.

Lulu Outdoor Dining Side Chair

The Lulu Outdoor Dining Side Chair channels the warm, inviting spirit of Mediterranean design with its simple, clean lines and natural color palette. Crafted with long-lasting aluminum and synthetic wicker, this chair combines the rustic appeal of traditional Mediterranean furniture with the resilience required for contemporary outdoor dining spaces. Suited for both private and commercial use, the Lulu chair brings sustainable, weather-resistant charm to any dining arrangement.

Woven Loom Outdoor Dining Chair

Evocative of the textured appeal of Mediterranean interiors, the Woven Loom Outdoor Dining Chair set marries tradition with modern durability. The intricate loom weave design adds a touch of sophistication, while the high-strength aluminum frame and solid teak legs ensure that these chairs are not only visually appealing but also built to endure the rigors of outdoor use. Incorporate these chairs into a dining setup to embrace Boxhill's dedication to creating timeless, high-quality pieces that honor both craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials.

MLB Dining Table 106

The MLB Dining Table 106’s expansive surface and robust teak construction embody the communal spirit of Mediterranean dining. Designed to host grand meals and withstand diverse weather conditions, this table integrates seamlessly into outdoor landscapes, offering a generous space for gatherings. With Boxhill's ethos of combining commercial-grade endurance with sustainable design practices, this table stands as a centerpiece for those looking to invest in a piece that will endure season after season.

George Outdoor Teak Dining Extension Table

Reflecting the flexible nature of Mediterranean dining, the George Outdoor Teak Dining Extension Table offers both elegance and adaptability. Its ability to extend welcomes the unexpected guest, much like the open-hearted hospitality of coastal living. Made from premium-grade reclaimed teak, this table promises a longevity that is central to Boxhill’s value of creating enduring, eco-conscious outdoor furniture. The natural finish and sturdiness of this piece make it an exemplary choice for those seeking a dining table that is both adaptable to space needs and resistant to the changing outdoor environment.

In our exploration of the sun-kissed charm of Mediterranean retreats, we are reminded of the breadth of vision held by the designers and architects who shape our living spaces. At Boxhill, we see ourselves as more than just a retailer; we are your collaborative partner in bringing design visions to fruition. Our carefully curated collections offer an array of durable, style-spanning products that promise to align with your aesthetic, from the rustic warmth of the Mediterranean to the sleek lines of modernism. We understand the unique demands of your profession and are dedicated to making your job easier by sourcing, curating, and creating the perfect outdoor furniture ensemble to complete your project. Trust in Boxhill to transform any concept into a tangible haven of beauty and function, where every piece is a testament to lasting design and the art of outdoor living.

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