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Build a Quote

We understand you're under pressure to meet short deadlines. Our “Add to Quote” button is available for Trade members on all product pages and moves Trade inquiries to the front of our queue for 24-hour turn-around times.

How to Build a Quote

Select Prodcut(s)

Browse products as though you were simply shopping. Instead of adding to your cart, click "Add To Quote" just below the cart button.

Once you've started your quote, you can view it from the vertical pink "Quotes" bar on the left side of your browser window.

Tell Us About Your Project

Once you've added all your products to the Quote, fill out the short form telling us about your project and timeline. Then hit Submit Quote Request.

If you're not a Trade Member yet, this is also a good time to fill out that application, which you can find here.


Our team of Trade Specialists will review your quote and do all the back-end work to get you acruate pricing and lead times, and then send you a professional quote to review internally or present to your clients. We can also help you with custom mood boards, product specs and samples, and more!

Contact Us

If you have questions or need immediate pricing please email or call us at: | +1-520-351-0053

Step-By-Step Guide to Building a Quote

1. Start adding products to your Trade Quote

Browse products as though you were shopping. Rather than adding to your cart, choose "Add to Trade Quote". Do this for as many products as you desire.

You can always edit your quote prior to submitting your request.

2. Continue Shopping or View Quote Pop-Up

A pop-up will appear any time you add a product to your Trade Quote making it easy for your to view your quote right away or opt to continue shopping.

A Boxhill product page showing. howto access your quote.

3. View your Trade Quote at any time

Once you've added a product to your quote, you can easily access it via the vertical pink bar on the left side of your browser.

Boxhill Trade Quote page showing how to edit your quote.

4. Edit your Trade Quote

Editing your Trade Quote is much like editing a shopping cart. You can make adjustments to quantity and delete items until you're satisfied with your quote.

Boxhill Trade Quote form showing how to submit your trade quote.

4. Submit Trade Quote request

Once you're satisfied with the contents of your quote, complete the short form providing us with project details. Then click Submit Request.

We aim to process all quotes within 24 business hours, but if you need immediate pricing information we can typically acomodate. Please call us during business hours at +1-520-351-0053.

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